About us


The BOD Group’s Free Form RX progressive lens laboratory BOD (Baltic Optical Dimension) is one of the most modern in Europe. It is equipped with machinery from Schneider GmbH & Co Kg for the manufacture of the MODULO LINE individualized progressive spectacles, embodying the manufacturer's vision to create Free Form lenses of the highest quality standards and maximally adapted to consumer needs. Every year, progressive lenses represent a growing part of the optical market.

The exclusivity of the MODULO LINE is the fully digitized and automated manufacturing process controlled by the unique LMS MODULO system from inception to final product. This is more than a conventional laboratory control system. A unique, sophisticated program informs the operator of the progress of each unit in the MODULO LINE, the quantity of required raw materials, and ensures the highest quality standards.

The production capacity of MODULO LINE is 4000 progressive lenses daily. The company will produce single focal and bifocal lenses.